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Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries



Civil Service Strengthening Project – (CSSP)



Assignment:      Talent Management Program



The Somaliland Civil Service Strengthening Project (SCSSP) is an Investment Project Financing (IPF) with an element of result-based financing. The TMP will provide targeted MDA with a cadre of managerial and professional staff to strengthen core functional capacities. Expected outcomes from the TMP are first, improved leadership and management in the civil service; second, the formulation of key government strategies, policies, and regulations; third, improved HRM and organization design capabilities; and fourth, the development of basic functionalities in the areas of M&E and project oversight.

An important feature of the program is that it will be linked to ministry reform efforts: access to the TMP will depend upon the achievement of key reform benchmarks in the reorganization process. These access criteria are identical with the DLI indicators for the disbursement of the results-based financing portion.



1. Job Title Director, Legal Affairs
2. Directorate/ Department Legal Affairs
3. Assignment Location Hargeisa, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
4. Grade Level                       Stream A, Level 2, Step 1
5. Reporting To                     The Director General, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
6. Supervisory Responsibility The Director, Legal Affairs will be directly responsible for the supervision of the Unit
7. Job Purpose The Director, Legal Affairs is the functional Head of the Unit. He/ she is responsible for the overall technical, administrative and financial management of the Unit. The incumbent is a career senior civil servant appointed through a competitive process and is responsible for providing leadership and vision for achieving goals of the Unit. He/ She shall be responsible for providing technical and professional support to the Director General
8. Objectives of the Job ·        Overall management of legal affairs and reporting

·        Provide effective leadership, enabling the Unit to improve performance of its functions and achieve set results

·        Coordinating the development and implementation of the Unit

·        Provide accurate and timely reporting on progress of implementation of legal affairs policies, strategies and programmes

9. Duties and Responsibilities The Director of Legal Affairs will be responsible for: –

·       Formulate and implement legal policies and strategies for effective discharge of the functions of the unit

·       Ensure compliance with principles and values of good governance, human rights, transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity

·       Advise the Ministry on all legal matters and ensure that its protected against any law suits as it performs its activities in accordance with the mandate

·       Oversee litigation from public servants and ensure compliance with the constitution as per the mandate of the Ministry

·       Review statutory reports to ensure that the activities of Ministry are in line with the its objectives

·       Initiate policy research, formulation, development and reform to ensure that the Ministry promotes the values and principles of the Ministry in accordance with the law and in accordance with its mandate

·       Coordinate the preparation of legal opinions and briefs on various legal matters

·       Ensure that the Ministry is in compliance with regional and international instruments as it conducts its activities

·       Develop proposals for reform on emerging legal issues and ensure compliance with the strategic goals of the Ministry

·       Prepare cabinet memoranda for presentation to parliament and ensure its in accordance with the constitution and law

·       Preparation of regular, monthly, quarterly and annual legal reports

·       Responsible for the formulation of the unit’s risk management framework, risk profiling, risk reporting and monitoring

·       Preparing annual work plans for the unit

·       Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports

·       Preparing the Unit’s risk management framework

·       Annual monitoring and evaluation report

10. Deliverables The Director of Legal Affairs will be responsible for the production of the following deliverables:

·       The 5-year strategic plan and budget for the unit

·       Establish legal policies and strategies

·       Reports of statutory reviews

·       Reports on policy research undertaken

·       Compliance policy and reports on principles and values of good governance, human rights, transparency, accountability, ethics and integrity

·       Legal research program

·       Legal research reports

·       Reports of legal opinions and advises

·       Reports on compliance with regional and international instruments

·       Reports on emerging legal issues

·       Cabinet memoranda

·       Unit’s risk reporting and monitoring report

·       Harmonized annual work plans for the unit

·       Monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports

·       Harmonized Unit’s risk management framework

·       Annual monitoring and evaluation report

11. Education ·        A minimum of 1st Degree in Law from a recognized University or equivalent professional qualification

·        A Master’s Degree in Law discipline will be an advantage

12. Experience Seven years’ experience, four (4) of which must have been at the senior management level in the public service/private sector
13. Skills Mix Requirements ·       Governance

·       Change management

·       Leadership and development

·       Problem-solving techniques

·       Blend of analytical, observational, organizational and networking skills

·       Strategic planning and benchmarking

·       Project management

·       Performance measurement

·       Team building and management

·       Monitoring and evaluation

·       ICT skills

·       Report writing

·       Excellent oral and written English and Somali languages

14: Competency Requirements ·        Involves people in decision-making in legal affairs

·        Communicates effectively in articulation of legal issues

·        Demonstrates commitment to organisation/ corporate decisions in legal matters

·        Gives objective advice based on sound analysis of law and regulations

·        Focuses on outcomes of legal issues based on legislation and judicial processes

·        Thinks strategically in law

·        Displays an intelligent awareness of the political environment affecting law and Government operations

·        Prepares legal plans with clear short and long term objectives

·        Functions effectively in a team of professionals in Legal Affairs department and across the Ministry

Submission Requirements

The Civil Service Commission now invites interested candidates to submit CSC Application Form (in Somali), application letters along with CVs and copies of their certificates/credentials  by Email to: and copy to

Deadline for the submission is Monday, 23/11/2020 at 3:00pm local time.

Only Shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.

For further information and enquiries, please contact the above email or visit the CSC Office during the working hours.